X-ray absorption cross sections (McMaster) tables

This directory contains source files for creating McMaster book, a book of tables of X-ray absorption cross sections, and mucal, a subroutine which calculates X-ray absorption cross section for any element of the periodic table.

McMaster book

The source of McMaster book is written in Fortran. It creates the TeX files of a whole book of X-ray absorption cross sections for all elements from hydrogen (Z=1) to bismuth (Z=83) and also for radon (Z=86), thorium (Z=90), uranium (Z=92) and plutonium (Z=94).


Mucal is a subroutine that calculates X-ray absorption cross sections using McMaster data in May 1969 edition. It also supplies edge energies, fluorescence yields, atomic weights and densities for various elements.

Text in Fortran:

Text in C:

mucal help file